The Royal Horse Club is situated 10 km. south of Burgas at the foot of Strandja  mountain  and directly nearby  Marinka  village. This area is known as “Chengene jurt”. This  location is unique  because it combines wonderful views, clean mountain air, silence and calm atmosphere close to the beach but  at the same time near mountains, so visitors can walk as through extensive pasture as in oak forests.  All  these  charachteristics  of  the region and  it’s  location provides  all necessary conditions for the horses in the best environment for them. The facility is deployed on 25 acres area and features several grounds and Eco farm, in which we raise quails, guinea fowls, quails, a special breed French pigeons, and many herbs and vegetables.

 Our  aim  is  to give people opportunity to have rest in the nature, to communicate with animals. For everybody who wants real emotions, who wants to go away from ordinary daily life.